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Thu Apr 22 20:36:04 UTC 2010

On Thu, Apr 22, 2010 at 12:16:21PM -0400, Hannah Kowen wrote:
>    Hello everyone,
>    An edited version of the interview with Josef Bacik is now on the feature
>    profile page.� I'm open for any suggestions you have (or you can add to it
>    as much as you want.)
>    Thanks,
>    Hannah Kowen

I think we're missing the link here. :-)

To all Allegheny students, thanks so much for pitching in and being
part of our community!  One of the ways communities work together is
by agreeing on some "rules of engagement," or maybe even more simply,
ways to communicate.

If you've done some work, it's customary to post the URL link in your
email so other people don't have to either remember, have bookmarked,
or guess the location you want them to visit.

Feel free to include those links in your posts on this list.

By the way, links are *far* preferable to attachments, which waste
bandwidth since they get sent, over and over, to thousands of
recipients, not all of whom will read them.

Thanks again and looking forward to seeing your work!

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