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>>>  #1 - Fedora 14 Theme > this has to be decided prior.
>> The "Theme" is a very wide area ...
> well, I called "theme" the design orientation for that release. Imagine
> this:
> Fedora 13 > science, rocketry etc. S
Well, it would be your work to declare that at e.g. the wiki.
Timeline would be something like

1.) find new F14 Name (read Fedora Mailinglists, Paul already send
something out there ...)
2.) find Slogan (after the Name finding)
3.) here could be time for this and that (you already made much
proposals, find here in between space for that)
4.) work to be done
>>>  #2 - A document that provides guidelines for participants to comply
>>> (this should be accomplished by the Fedora Design Team, as it's their
>>> field of action/expertise).
>> See
>> Thats the first one I found. I think some Artworkers have some
>> pre-prepared Links to send them out ;-)
> I understand that, but for instance, if we launch a challenge, lets
> imagine for a Meta-Theme (GNOME). It would be nice to have a more
> objective document on how what colours should be adviced (eventually
> brand colours), in which fields, etc... Stuff like, "there should be no
> text in backgrounds... all that information if we make such a thing
> should be recompiled into a plain document for easy check, instead of
> the full armoured dense information on the wiki.
If you have time for that feel free to make a One-Pager out of that.
> I don't want to add more work to Design Team, but I would recon this
> could be great to have for new people who want to make a "fedora" theme.
Sorry, but it would be more work for who-ever. And it is already all in
the wiki. Feel free to modulize it and put it in One page if you want.
But I think it is more then enough to give all the Links to the wiki.
> I mean it would be nasty to have people submitting opensuse-greenish
> artwork for fedora... So we should actually provide them with some
> useful information.
... as you can see above. There are some more Links for shure, but those
are some of the essentials. You can put a Linklist together if you want.
>>>  #4 - Licensing for submitted artwork (this is for sure something I have
>>> no knowledge, I believe that eventually there are people here who have
>>> done similiar things in the past, so selecting and highlighting such
>>> would be great).
>> License (as you already know) will be cc-licenced.
>>>  #5 - A committee to analyze the submitted artwork. We can run this as
>>> Fedora or eventually also invite people from other communities, such as
>>> GNOME, KDE, etc. If this artwork is going to be enabled by Fedora and
>>> distributed for KDE/GNOME, makes sense to me to have someone from their
>>> project on this also. See such option as strengthening bonds between us
>>> and them.
>> Hmm, my personal opinion would be that the Artwork-Team and the
>> Mailinglist and IRC around it should be sufficient and maybe there are
>> some of them who are happy to join your idea.
>>>  #6 - A proper Marketing/Communication campaign for this. We should be
>>> able to reach everyone.
>>>  #7 - Decide what kind of artwork we want (ex: GNOME Meta Themes, KDE
>>> themes, Icon Themes, wallpapers, videos ?).
>> - Wallpapers (several ones around the Theming)
>> - Iconsets
>> - Countdown Graphic
>> - Banners (Alpha banner, Beta Banner, Release banner, Countdown Banner,
>> Download Banner, Website Banner, etc.)
>> - Splash-screen / Install screen
>> - DVD/CD sleeves
>> - Release Party Posters
> I would probably be more restrictive, on wallpapers and themes...
> eventually leave the Fedora Branded stuff to people who are already on
> our team. If artists would like to provide art for those, maybe after
> they join the actual respective teams? Letting them have something to
> look for in the future is not a bad thing.
Then I would like to ask where "artists" should contribute? In which area?
Sorry, but I see new contributors coming, finding there own way to
either Wallpaper doings, Icons, Themes or whatever and there is always
someone experienced around who helps. Why "seperate" it and make groups
within Art-Team? THAT would be against the Opensource way so to say.

All the points above I mentioned are areas where all Contributors can
>>>  - Ice breaking... People who might want to submit artwork will be for
>>> sure in contact with some of our people. For example we can probably
>>> forward them for a "help list" for this event or existing list such as
>>> design-team to clear some doubts. Doing such will place them directly in
>>> contact with Fedora Teams and will work as a Ice Breaker. This should
>>> probably make their possible integration in the future much easier, as
>>> they will start having friendly voices around.
>> The Mailinglist helped always new contributors. Mostly it goes the open
>> way like this:
>> $New_One: Hey, I'm new here. I have $cool_wallpaper and $cool_Iconset.
>> Do you like it?!
>> $Experienced_Fedora_Artworker: This looks pretty nice. Please take also
>> a look at $Fedora_Design_rules for proper dimensions/colors, etc. It
>> would be nice if you can put it into the $wiki or on to your
>> $fedora_people Account that we all can participate and improve it.
>> $New_One: Well, I'm not so experienced and I have done this with
>> $commercial_software. Is that ok?!
>> $Experienced_Fedora_Artworker: Not so much, because we do it the
>> OpenSource way (here: include $4-Foundations explanation, Opensource,
>> cc-licence, etc.) Please take a look at $Design_spin or
>> $Opensource_artwork_tools_links and try to adjust and edit your idea so
>> that it fits into that.
>> $New_One: Cool. I will do so. You guys and girls rock!
>>>  - Motivation - Fedora is supposed to be installed in 24 million
>>> computers worldwide (or so some say). This is a kick-ass distribution
>>> channel for artists. It should provide enough motivation for them to
>>> participate (if we are friendly with rules).
>> Jep. Thats a good start for e.g. an article about Fedora Artwork or some
>> interview how it is made, etc.
> Do we have something done in this field? If not, how can I help with
> it ?

We have MANY of those ongoing! See fedora weekly News, see planet, see
Mailinglist Subjects marked with "[In the News]" etc.

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