Chinese marketing

Mel Chua mel at
Mon Apr 26 11:12:18 UTC 2010

> For a start, Gerard, maybe you can identify some of the primary gaps
> we have. What questions to Chinese Fedora users and potential
> contributors have? In what areas can we improve information we offer
> to Chinese speaking people?
> Another question in which I'm keenly interested is, where do Chinese
> users get Fedora? If they're using mirrors in China, are there enough
> of them? Can we find more administrators willing to distribute Fedora
> on mirrors?

Congratulations on the move, Gerard! I'd add to Paul's list of questions 
above with "how can we make it easier for members of the Chinese Fedora 
community to participate in the Marketing (and Ambassadors) teams, and 
how can we better keep up with what they're doing?

I know we now have a mailing list (thanks to you and Kaio and everyone 
else who made this happen!) and that 
there's been a Planet for a while (, but 
I'm not sure if there's anywhere else that would be good to watch - or 
actually, if we want to specifically start discussing global/regional 
marketing and PR strategies here, perhaps for the F14 release. So far 
we've just been making deliverables in English and considering any 
translation we get to be a very happy bonus. :)


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