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Mon Apr 26 21:05:07 UTC 2010

2010/4/26 Alexandros Karagiannakis <alexandrinho.k at>:
> Hi,  my name is  Alexandros Karagiannakis  and I live in Athens, Greece. My
> Fedora Account System (FAS) username is alekaragiannakis, and my IRC nick is
> also alekaragiannakis.
> I learned about the Fedora Marketing team through the Greek Fedora
> Ambassadors Pierros Papadeas and Konstantinos Antonakoglou and am interested
> in joining because I'm studying Business Administration so i'm familiar with
> the subject and i really want to start contributing to Fedora community.
> Also I've been a Fedora user for years and i've been experienced of a few
> open source events and conferences here in Greece.
> This is the first FOSS and Marketing project I have worked on!
> My skills, which I hope to utilize in Fedora Marketing, include:
> Marketing Skills: My studies on Business Administration which include
> Marketing, Management and Financial literacy.
> Other Skills: Εase of socialization and social contacts in general,
> persuasion and devotion, things I deem important for the promotion of the
> product and the ideas of the fedora community.
> I'd also like to learn through my involvement with the community, like
> learning about areas that interest me and would like to work on, such as
> programming, in which my knowledge is not developed.
> When I'm not working on Fedora, I am studying at the Technological
> Educational Institute of Larissa in Greece.
> A couple of goals I have for the Fedora Project are to help promote Fedora
> in Greece in cooperation with the Greek Fedora community, and also to help
> develop the local community through educating the public about Fedora. I
> would also like to see innovations and the expansion of marketing to happen
> in Fedora.
> I am wondering about new ways of promoting Fedora.
> Please help me get started!
> Alexandros Karagiannakis.

Hi Alex!

I want everyone to know that Alex has been a valuable Fedora
Enthusiast during many past events in Greece and I am very happy that
he decided to join the Marketing Team :)

I am sure he has many things to give to the Marketing Team and Greek
team and I can't wait for his contributions!

Welcome aboard Alex! It is nice to have you here!


Pierros Papadeas
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liknus @ GRnet , Freenode

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