Security spin website: things needed for completion

Mel Chua mel at
Tue Apr 27 14:43:02 UTC 2010

Hi! We're sprinting (as you may have noticed) on the spin pages for the 
F13 release. Will be addressing each spin page separately - right now, 
this email is about the Security spin. Sending to Websites list, current 
spin owners, and Marketing (for a content sanity check).

Just talked with Hiemanshu on IRC about this, and here's what needs to 
be done (Hiemanshu has offered to do it, but is also on vacation now, so 
any help would, I'm sure, be welcomed. ;) Anything I'm missing from this 
list, please add. And if you'd like this on the websites trac instead, 
let me know and I can do that (Hiemanshu requested it as an email to the 


== blocking ==

* Download: Make sure download links point to the correct image.

== non-blocking ==

* Content: done enough to ship; if we want a more extensive "About" tab, 
someone should write it though.

* Screenshots: ok, but old from F12; new ones need to be taken and uploaded.

* Support: edit page to point to the Fedora Security community resources 
(wherever that is - do you folks have a mailing list or IRC channel? 
right now the page points only to generic ones).

* How To Help: Hiemanshu would like to compile a package wishlist and 
have it available from the spin website so people can start helping with 
that; this may be easiest to do as a wiki page that gets linked to, but 
in any case we'll let whoever picks up this task figure out how they 
want to do it.

== done ==

* Design: appears to be all set. Hurrah for the design team!

* Website exists: yes,

* Website linked from main spins.fp.o page: yes

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