Follow up questions for BTRFS profile

Hannah Kowen kowenh at
Tue Apr 27 15:22:28 UTC 2010

Hi Josef  (and everyone),

I was emailed some follow up questions that I'm forwarding onto you.

   - How many developers are working on Btrfs full time and from Red Hat?
   What do they focus on?
   - How good is that Ext3/Ext4 in place conversion?
   - Are there any good benchmarks available for performance?
   - What does the roadmap look like and is there any major pending features
   or is it all just bug fixes and stabilization work going forward?
   - Is there any features that ZFS has that Btrfs does not at this point?

I can put them up onto the profile whenever you get a chance to look at

Also, here is the link to the profile again,  I also wanted to let
everyone know that after the next couple days I won't really be able to work
on the profile anymore, so if there is something you think should be added,
please feel free to add it to the page.  I enjoyed working on it and hope
that the release goes great.


Hannah Kowen
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