Moblin spin website: things needed for completion

Mel Chua mel at
Tue Apr 27 16:14:48 UTC 2010

Hi! We're sprinting (as you may have noticed) on the spin pages for the 
F13 release. Will be addressing each spin page separately - right now, 
this email is about the Moblin spin. Sending to Websites list, current 
spin owners, and Marketing (for a content sanity check).

The status of this list will be changing rapidly in the next 35 minutes. 
Will update when current sprint is done.


== blocking ==

* Download: Make sure download links point to the correct image.

* Content: Front page needs to be fixed to not refer to education. :)

* Screenshots: taken, need to be uploaded into design

* Design: need all banners for this spin made, as per

* CSS: the "support" tab is dropped below the other tabs; need to fix 

* Website linked from main spins.fp.o page: not yet (only when all other 
blockers are cleared)

== non-blocking ==

* About tab: good content. probacould have more screenshots if someone 
wants to improve upon this, but totally not mandatory.

* How To Help: How can people participate? Is this evident from 
somewhere on the spins page? (note: we may want to consider adding a 
"Participate!" or "Want to help?" tab to the design, but that's a convo 
for later)

== done ==

* Support tab: points to all the right places for the mini group

* Website exists: yes,

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