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Tue Apr 27 16:24:25 UTC 2010

On Tue, 2010-04-27 at 11:44 -0400, Nicholas Ozorak wrote:

> There should be some section somewhere that clearly states what can
> and can't be used in videos, namely logos and screenshots.  That will
> help to prevent confusion on the part of content creators.

Though I do agree with this, usually such things will take creatives and
designers to shield behind "freedom" and see this as some kind of
*malefic* stuff that is planned to reduce their creativity.

This is one of the things that cracked my head a couple of times, as we
work mainly with free contributors. While in a corporation,
administration mandates are unquestionable and people do follow, on
communities such as our own, that's a very sensible area. I could've
saved myself some embarrassments in the past, though I believe I was
correct and was acting in the best interest of Fedora.

I will give a quick example off-topic:

That's a list of contributions for Fedora 14 naming. One of them is
"Emancipation". Though I'm a strong supporter of emancipation, if such
naming is approved, countries in the Middle East will not be seeing this
with good eyes (supposing they are free of exporting blockades and
such). While it's armeless in the Western World, it is not a good choice
for other people. Sometimes pointing stuff like this gets me dubbed as a
negative person trying to bring a negative load into the team.

This is a very sensible area and though I would like to see Fedora and
other FOSS communities promoting such values, it might bring a harmful
load towards us.

Generally, yes, I will backup some restrictive guidelines, but on the
other hand, I do also want to backup creatives and contributors. I don't
know what other people think, but we sometimes get into weird stuff.

> Providing feedback can be done through commenting on videos and
> inviting content creators to the marketing list, as they may not
> already be aware it exists.  If the content creators' work is not on
> Internet Archive, asking them if we may redistribute their video may
> not be a bad idea.
> Keeping media partners in the loop (and ahead of it, in some ways)
> would definitely be a good idea.  They could provide extra hype before
> the official releases.

I think that the effort being done in the Feature Profiles might be a
good thing to backup this in a nearby future, as we can establishing
easily an evolution line related to the "commercial" product, and though
its free (no monetary involved), it's still commercial as we are selling
an experience. Media should back us up and we should provide them the
necessary knowledge. I've seen too much corrections around Fedora 13
already and mistakes being made by the media.

We are maybe failing in being more objective and providing them good
material for their work. Though our Wiki has tons of information, it
might not be correctly segmented for media research. 

I do hope Fedora Insight will provide a method to cover (at least
minimize) this gap.

But it's a +1, we need to provide more objective and accurate material
for the media.

> Absolutely.
> One such person who could potentially bring a lot of traffic to Fedora
> is a man by the name of Chris Pirillo.  He's a YouTube vlogger who
> talks about technology.  His YouTube channel is here:
> With over 120,000 subscribers, contacting him about promoting Fedora
> 13 wouldn't be a bad place to start.

We rush once more into the H.264 problem and hostility towards

Maybe contact him as ask him to be a partner of Fedora in Fedora
Insight? I am not sure on what the other people on the list have to say,
but that would be probably be something that wouldn't harm us.

I do love this idea of providing them information, or even ask them to
join us here so they can get some materials and information and even
follow our work. There is much they could use to develop their own work.

I would love to ear Fedora's Project Leader's words about this.

> I, too, am willing to listen to other suggestions.  If anyone has
> thoughts on the matter, please feel free to chime in.
> Nick

I subscribe Nick on this.


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