Moblin spin website: things needed for completion

Peter Robinson pbrobinson at
Wed Apr 28 06:52:03 UTC 2010

Hi Mel,

Thanks for your help on this. I've attached an updated file and
updated inline below. I've requested access to the web group so I can
push updates to this myself going forward.

On Tue, Apr 27, 2010 at 5:14 PM, Mel Chua <mel at> wrote:
> Hi! We're sprinting (as you may have noticed) on the spin pages for the F13
> release. Will be addressing each spin page separately - right now, this
> email is about the Moblin spin. Sending to Websites list, current spin
> owners, and Marketing (for a content sanity check).
> The status of this list will be changing rapidly in the next 35 minutes.
> Will update when current sprint is done.
> --Mel
> == blocking ==
> * Download: Make sure download links point to the correct image.

Comparing with the XFCE spin I'm not sure how to add the big download
on the right side and also the default 32/64 bit options that appear
on the other spins. I presume its some sort of template. Any pointers
here would be great.

> * Content: Front page needs to be fixed to not refer to education. :)

Fixed in attached.

> * Screenshots: taken, need to be uploaded into design
> * Design: need all banners for this spin made, as per

I'm not sure if this is for me, if it is I could do with some help as
my artistic flair is non existent :-)

> * CSS: the "support" tab is dropped below the other tabs; need to fix
> alignment.

I think I've fixed this.

> * Website linked from main spins.fp.o page: not yet (only when all other
> blockers are cleared)
> == non-blocking ==
> * About tab: good content. probacould have more screenshots if someone wants
> to improve upon this, but totally not mandatory.

I've updated this, I'll try and get another screen shot.

> * How To Help: How can people participate? Is this evident from somewhere on
> the spins page? (note: we may want to consider adding a "Participate!" or
> "Want to help?" tab to the design, but that's a convo for later)

I've added some details of the Fedora Mini SIG to the about page. I
plan on updating the SIG page next week when I get a little more time
to breathe.

> == done ==
> * Support tab: points to all the right places for the mini group
> * Website exists: yes,

Let me know what I've missed :-)

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