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Hello, My Name is Manuel Escudero and I'm from Mexico, I live in Mexico
City. My Fedora Account System username is jmlevick and my IRC nick is
jmlevick too, (Almost all my Nicks are jmlevick: Gmail, Google Wave, Skype
no, I changed it, but it used to be "jmlevick" too)
I learned about the Fedora Marketing Team Trough the Wiki, while I was
looking for something to contribute in, so I was interested in Joining
because I'm a "People Person" and I like this kind of stuff.
I've Worked in Open Source and/or Free Software Projects in the past. Almost
all of the projects I've worked on were started by me because I'm in charge
of the Xenode Systems Project (A Registered Brand Here at my Country) But
talking about Free Software, There's only one really important: The Devlexo
Linux Distro. I worked in this distro because I wanted to make something for
the Old PC's so, it's very good for slow old computers and it's based in

The other projects are not Open Source but they are all free. I mostly build
Webapps based on Google App Engine, the Google API's and Adobe AIR, But I
also enjoy building free Software for Windows, Linux and Mac OS (Like my
Cross-Platform Web Browser based on Google Chrome)
I've also worked in other Marketing Projects in the past, for my own company
most of the time working with the publicity, logos/designs and some
strategies to get the company "up" in the Internet.

My Skills, wich I hope to utilize in Fedora Marketing include:

- Good "People Skills" (Like convincing, selling and stuff like that), I
also like to solve problems and I'm good at that field, I also like to help
people to feel more comfortable in their Workflows.

- Other Skills: I like to create publicity strategies that are really good
to get into a Wider Audience, I'm Pacient, Like to work hard and I'm also
very charismatic and I'm good in get productivity high in some ways.

- I'd also Like to Learn how the Linux Community uses to work and organize,
what can we do as a really big team and how we can improve the Linux World
for all the people.

When I'm not working for Fedora, I'm usually in the School or working for
Xenode Systems. I like to play the guitar, sing, sometimes read or write
texts about Life in my Knol. I also like writting for the Xenode Systems
Blog and I like to spread the "Linux Word" around the world, Between
friends, family and other people I know. Sometimes I repair computers as a
Hobby and I like to convince people of using Linux. A couple of goals I have
for the Fedora Project are becoming fedora into the most used Linux
distribution of the world because it's great and I'd also like to see some
improvements in fedora such as in the hardware support part and in the
pre-installed packages. I'm very interested in carry Linux into the schools
and some other public places to get the people used to it, specially to

I was wondering about the future you as a team have planned for fedora in
all the major aspects.

I would like to share with you my most recent Linux Anecdote, it is some
kind of report about the FlisoL Here in México City:

"Today took place FlisoL here in Mexico City as well as in Monterrey, I went
to the ITESM campus (In Coyoacán) and initially it was half ugly because
when I arrived to the conference it was a little late and the Conference
which I wanted to get was knida "cancelled".
Then, I had to wait until 3: 00 pm to join into another one that I was
interested in. (it was 11: 00 am at the time) So I decided to go to the
cinema to watch a movie and return at 3 o' Clock; Unfortunately I was late
and I arrived at the 4: 00 pm Conference, the last, that was about music in
Linux and free software. Not many people entered but was entertaining
because they began giving an introduction to a sheet music MIDI editor, and
when the doubts "arrived" and the speaker was in problems I started to
resolve them :) There was a point where they turned off the computer and
practically I devoted myself to talk about Linux, and what you can do with
it, everything we do as Fedora users and some of my projects of Xenode
Systems. Between questions and questions, I took the rest of the Conference
evangelizing people about Linux and I had fun enough, also I devoted myself
to speak for example about the taboo of "Ubuntu" as the easier distribution
in general supporting  RPM Distros, (Obviously Fedora in the most cases) and
how Linux is able to cover all the capabilities of Windows and Mac in some
areas offering up more. So I was solving the speaker questions and who
attended ones in General, talking about issues not only in the musical field

I hope that in the future  I can enjoy more events... Thanks to the Fedora
Community for allowing me to be awared about them."

And I would also Like to talk you about my most recent projects and plans:

Little time ago, I builted a Webapp called "Tux-Cellar" My work team and I
want to build a Community Around the app itself, because is builted for
Linux Propouses (It's Like a Social Search Engine for Linux Binaries Like
".DEB", ".RPM", "APTICONS" and others), so begining with this, we started
having Ideas, I might work in a New Fedora Spin and a Desktop Client for a
APTICONS REPO... Some other Jewels of my webapp collection are the webproxy
Calyphrox and SkyDirect, an app that uses an unnofficial SkyDrive API to
create little permanent direct download Links for your hosted files of that

In the past I've also "tried out" some google products like Google App
Engine and Google Wave in ther "Dev Previews", and well, I think that's all.
More important stuff about me can be found here:

Thanks! Please Help me to Get Started!!

Have a Nice Day :)

<-Manuel Escudero->
Linux User #509052
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