Test Day promotion help

Mel Chua mel at redhat.com
Thu Apr 29 02:54:39 UTC 2010

On 04/28/2010 04:17 AM, Nelson Marques wrote:
> Adam,
> Don't really know if this suits your needs, but feel free to check this
> out (re-made from a previous document from John Spevack):
> http://nmarques.fedorapeople.org/fedora/QA/fedora-qa.odt
> http://nmarques.fedorapeople.org/fedora/QA/fedora-qa.pdf
> The ODT is editable so any changes can be done. Please inform me if
> that's what you had in mind or of any eventual changes you want made. I
> can make those available in Portuguese as well, but it seems redundant
> to me. I believe they can also be used for later events with minor
> edits.

These are great! I'm not sure how much immediate interest we'll be able 
to drum up for the rest of F13's test days, but this might make a good 
handout for, say, F13 release parties to call attention to test days and 
ways new users can provide feedback and bug reports.

So of course I made a wiki page. :) It's linked to from 
https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Marketing#Projects, and the stub is here:


(It could also be generalized to other team sprints - upcoming Fedora 
sprints and FADs that new community members can look forward to 
participating in.)


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