The state of Web Development

Mel Chua mel at
Thu Apr 29 03:13:40 UTC 2010

On 04/28/2010 07:15 AM, Nelson Marques wrote:
> Since the 'web' is our premier channel of distribution and it's quite
> relevant to the Fedora Community/Project, I would like to point
> something amusing:

Thanks for the call-out, Nelson! Forwarding to the Websites list, too - 
these may be good statistics to keep in mind when doing

Also, survey methods / presentation methods of this survey data were 
interesting to look at for when we do more work on - I thought this was a 
snazzy one-page presentation of results, and the complete set of 
(anonymous) responses is downloadable in CSV format, which is a good 
balance of openness of data + avoiding information overload.


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