Self-Introduction: (Manuel Escudero)

Mel Chua mel at
Thu Apr 29 04:10:57 UTC 2010

On 04/28/2010 03:23 AM, Manuel Escudero wrote:
> Hello, My Name is Manuel Escudero and I'm from Mexico, I live in Mexico
> City. My Fedora Account System username is jmlevick

Welcome, Manuel! I've sponsored your membership in the Marketing FAS group.

> I was wondering about the future you as a team have planned for fedora
> in all the major aspects.

Fedora (both the Marketing team and the project as a whole) tends to be 
a place where planning happens from the bottom-up more than the top-down 
- several people sharing ideas, saying "oh, I'm also interested in 
that!" and then teaming up to make it happen. You can see some of the 
ideas people are working on now at, but also please feel 
free to propose your own ideas and areas of interest, or team up with 
others - for instance, perhaps you'd be interested in working with Robyn 
on, or with Garland on

> I would like to share with you my most recent Linux Anecdote, it is some
> kind of report about the FlisoL Here in México City:

It sounds like you may also be interested in the Ambassadors team, They are the team in Fedora 
that goes out to events and represents Fedora at conferences.

You mentioned interest in doing a spin - perhaps you'd be interested in 
working on making marketing resources for spins as a whole? (Doing your 
own spin and showcasing its marketing as an example, then showing how 
other spins can do the same, is a great way to start.) Our current spins 
site is, and the Spins SIG 
( can answer other (more 
technical) questions about the spin creation process.

You're also joining at an exciting time; we are just a few weeks away 
from the Fedora 13 release date (May 18), and are finishing up our 
release deliverables 
( - not all 
of them have been documented yet). One thing that would be great to 
have, that we did last time, is a localization of the one page release 
notes ( They 
are not finished yet, but you can see the ones from the last release 
cycle ( 
as well as the translation 
(, thank you Neville and 
Tatica!) Is this something you might be interested in working on?

If you're available on IRC during our Marketing Meeting times 
(, 20:00 UTC in 
#fedora-mktg), those are great times to listen in on what's going on and 
jump in to help. But also drop by anytime - many of us are often around 
the #fedora-mktg channel at nearly any hour of the day and eager to help 
new folks get started. If you're new to IRC, see or just ask on this 
list (we take questions here too!)

Cheers, and welcome - hope to see you around!

--Mel (mchua on IRC)

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