Suggestions for the install process

Sahar Arbab arbabs at
Thu Apr 29 15:32:12 UTC 2010

Hello. Since Matt and I worked with the install process we thought that we
could suggets ways to help in areas we found problems...

For those who are computer challenged…..

-The first few screens should talk about Fedora (what it is and who it would
benefit), because the only time we really get an idea is at the end.

- Cheat Sheet or manual on the install process or even an overall one on the
operating system. We realize it may be hard to include all these ideas
throughout the install process so a cheat sheet could fill in here.

-Specify between the two types of available installs

-Specify the differences between i386 and x86_64 on

-Throughout the install process recommend certain routes people should take
with certain computers or for depending on how much they want to use fedora.

Hope these ideas may be able to help out a little,

Matt Bocchi and Sahar Arbab
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