release slogan, round 2.

Robyn Bergeron robyn.bergeron at
Mon Aug 23 06:00:35 UTC 2010

In an effort to come up with something that ties into our theme, I've
done a little bit of thinking about some of our theme descriptions

I started off with some words, and flipped (err, hit spacebar a lot)
through the thesaurus online to see what other words came up.

I started off with - emerge/emergence - started working with the words
lead, rise, direction, advance... still didn't get a lot of things.
But what I have so far is:

Rise Up.
Be everywhere.

Annnnnnd... that's it.

I'm not sure if we should kick off a second wiki table on the same
page, or just bring suggestions to the marketing meeting on tuesday.
If anyone would like to throw in a suggestion either way, I'm happy to


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