article: The Top 7 Best Linux Distributions for You

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Robyn Bergeron schrieb:
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> To help users discover the Linux distribution that's best for them,
> this resource will definitively list the best candidates for the
> various types of Linux users to try. The use-case categories will be:
> Best Desktop Distribution
> Best Laptop Distribution
> Best Enterprise Desktop
> Best Enterprise Server
> Best LiveCD
> Best Security-Enhanced Distribution
> Best Multimedia Distribution
> </snip>
> Note: Fedora isn't listed for any of the above.
<Snip> (first paragraph at the Desktop section):
Ubuntu edges out its closest contenders, Fedora
<> and openSUSE <>,
because its development team is constantly focused on the end-user
experience. Canonical and the Ubuntu community have spent a lot of time
and resources on bringing ease-of-use tools to this distribution,
particularly in the area of installing Ubuntu and installing
applications within Ubuntu.
So, maybe we have the opportunity to get (more) in touch with those
editorial staff members. Maybe next time we are the No.1 choosen Distro...

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