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Imtiaz Rahi imtiaz.rahi at
Sat Feb 6 23:30:30 UTC 2010

> Well, actually, not "unfortunately" -- having a great community is
> wonderful, but if the finished product is lacking, that's a problem.
> Not saying that Fedora is lacking, just saying that "community
> participation" is not likely to be interesting to readers who aren't
> going to be participating.


> > Since I get different answers for each of these categories, depending
> > on whose article I'm reading today, are any of these articles truly
> > useful?  Maybe not.  But more importantly, why isn't Fedora chosen for
> > any of these categories?  Does the author disclose on what basis each
> > distro was rated?  Were some distros not considered?  I have more
> > questions than answers after reading the article, although at the same
> > time, I'd be happy to see us more often mentioned in these articles.

These articles are useful, as a reader I can vouch.
Fedora has been considered but the author clearly mentioned what
considerations made his choice.
I would really liked to see Fedora as the Best for Desktop and Laptop.
But sadly it is not currently.

> > I'm thinking about changing distros on my main workstation for a week
> > or so just to experience what other people think is a clear
> > differentiation between them.
> A very good idea. I've been using some of this week to test drive
> distros other than openSUSE, including Fedora, on bare metal and in
> VMs. It's not something I had a lot of time to do previously, and
> wanted to see how other distros had evolved over the last two years.

+1 very good idea.
I have been using Fedora, Ubuntu, openSUSE on my desktop and laptops
for many years, since Red Hat 8 era.
Lately, I spend most of my time in Ubuntu installations. Major reason
for me is stability (don't crash) .
Though Fedora never prioritized "stability" but certain level of
stability is needed to continuously run my laptop at work.

cheers // Imtiaz Rahi
imtiaz at

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