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Karsten Wade kwade at
Tue Feb 9 19:08:13 UTC 2010

So we have a few things going on at SCALe 8x, 19 to 21 Feb in Los
Angeles, CA.  These are newsworthy, such that we think it's worth
cranking up the joint Red Hat-Fedora PR mechanisms.  What are they?

Here's what is going on, in a nutshell:

* Friday - Fedora Activity Day to work on Summer Coding and getting
  	   ready for the coming Google Summer of Code.
* Friday - Women in Open Source - The self-described Fedora Mascots
  	   are going to give a talk, "Ultimate Randomness - Girl
  	   voices in open source."[1] These are Larry's 12-year-old
  	   and my 12- and 9-year-old daughters.
* Saturday - I give the 10 am keynote, "Being a Catalyst in Commnities
  	     - The scientific facts about the open source way."[2]
* Saturday - Richard Fontana talks at 4:30 on Sunday, "Improving the
  	     Open Source Legal System."
* Sat/Sun - Fedora booth in the main expo hall (booth 43, straight in
  	    the front doors, second cross-aisle, turn right, on the
  	    left in the middle, where the [F] is:

	    <-----------------/   \------------------->
                             1st row
	    <_________________     ___________________>
                             2nd row
	    <_______[F]_______     ___________________>
                             Back row

Anything I'm missing?

What is Red Hat planning around PR for this event?

What can we do together?

As we did last year, Fedora Ambassadors will be making out some flyers
publicizing Fedora and Red Hat talks.  So far, Richard's is the main
one I see, but there is also a Sugar presentation we might want to
connect with?

- Karsten

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