Talking Points conversation log

Mel Chua mel at
Tue Feb 9 21:49:25 UTC 2010

A few of us gathered in #fedora-mktg after the meeting and talked about 
talking points. Here's what we have so far - full logs available at (direct link at

More coming tonight - we'll be working on the SOP for Talking Points 
tonight - but please, if you have ideas or thoughts on how we should be 
going about talking points, feel free to strike up the conversation now. :)


Meeting summary
* Talking points are essentially a distillation of technical innovations
   that are part of the feature process.  Those innovations appear in the
   Feature List.  Some of those innovations are obviously desktop
   related.  But many come from other areas that are important to large
   groups of users like system administrators and developers.
   (stickster, 21:13:47)
* LINK: g definition?  (mchua, 21:13:58)
   (mchua, 21:14:17)
* that's the email where Paul tried to clear up a bit of a
   misunderstanding.  (mchua, 21:14:36)
* AGREED: Spin owners can use the SOP to create talking points for
   publication on their spin pages  (stickster, 21:23:13)
   (mchua, 21:38:56)
* ACTION: tonight, we should finish the first round SOP, which should
   contain those date-milestone-type-things you've just been mentioning,
   and publish that as "here is the plan we currently intend to follow,
   feedback/patches welcome."  (mchua, 21:47:27)
* ACTION: set a meeting time for Fri/Mon (pick one) to (1) freeze a
   snapshot of the SOP, taking into account any feedback, and (2)
   prepopulate with sample content and announce.  (mchua, 21:48:43)
   (stickster, 21:49:58)

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