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> >> Overall most community members seem to be locked in to one distribution
> and
> >> take a blind eye and even refuse to hear that any other distro than
> theirs
> >> is of use.  I personally have taken the time to try out all of the major
> >> distro's and see weakness and strengths for all that I have tried.
> I'd actually love to see these notes if you have them written up
> somewhere - the stories of how various folks in the Fedora community
> ended up there (and how Fedora users ended up using Fedora) is something
> that would be fascinating to capture for Fedora Insight.

I do not have any notes per say, since I have not done the formal research.
Opinions in the eyes of research are irrelevant, only a non-biased method of
collecting data will yield factual results. So, I was just expressing my
experiences within the Fedora community and what I have also gained by
speaking to other members of other communities. I was also just suggesting a
way that the marketing team could tackle this topic and provide better
exposure to the Fedora community and it's distro :-)

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