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Thu Feb 11 17:05:30 UTC 2010

On Wed, Feb 10, 2010 at 04:01:59PM -0500, Kara Schiltz wrote:
> How about including a sentence or two on how Fedora has worked with 
> Google Summer of Code in previous years and any success we've helped create?

Yeah, I did a report end of last year:

To summarize the main points it might sound like this:

"Participating in the Summer of Code has already brought Fedora and
JBoss improved project infrastructure, new software, new contributors
and hires for Red Hat, and strengthened ties with existing
contributors and upstream projects.  It has made the projects more
efficient, provided valuable mentor training, and added legitimacy in
new areas.  For example, is a community translation tool
and open source business that started as a Summer of Code project in
the Fedora Project, and now provides the back-end for Fedora
translations as well as hundreds of other open source projects."

- Karsten
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