I had a cool Idea why don't we put on an artshow!

Nicu Buculei nicu_fedora at nicubunu.ro
Tue Feb 16 09:18:56 UTC 2010

On 02/15/2010 10:02 PM, Justin O'Brien wrote:
> I had an idea Brainstorming in #f-mktg. We were trying to come up with
> ways to extend our reach. Getting Free Software/Linux people is awesome
> but who else might be interested in Fedora? so I thought why don't we
> put on a Fedora Project artshow?!?
> Here is what I was invisioning...
>   * we somehow procure a gallery

We (Design Team) persuaded Infrastructure to give us a test instance of 
some galley software and got Gallery2. It was cumbersome and not 
integrated with the rest of the Fedora web presence, so it was very 
little used and not advertised at all (it was a step-up from our 
previous try to use the wiki for the same task). I believe the test 
instance was removed in the mean time.

In the testing space there is also a gallery envisioned mostly for 
Ambassadors use: http://publictest16.fedoraproject.org/plogger/ again, 
with an unfriendly interface and very little use.

It should be also mentioned the Albums section of fedoraforum.org: 
http://forums.fedoraforum.org/album.php which is, no offense - posted my 
own share of crap there, a bit of a mess.

There are also Fedora groups on sites like deviantART and flickr, but 
those are not to be used for our core functionality, being closed 
platforms (so out of the 4 foundations).

>   * Fedorians bring in some art they had done
>   * we invite people from the art world to see it
>   * try to get written up in art mags (do they exist, if so which ones)

We first have to gather the creation and grow confident they are good 

>   * thought this would be an awesome way to show that art and
> freesoftware are great partners
>   * thought this would be a way that people could parade out that one
> desgin they had for $fedoraVersionInThePast that just didnt make it

I was thinking about this also as a way to give users stuff they may 
like to use - wallpapers and such.

>   * would be a way to see the creative side of people we didnt know had
> one (how many coders/marketing people/legal etc are also painters,
> sculpters, etc)

Many people do not realize this: is not *that* hard to create art, you 
just have to have a story to tell, the rest is only tools and we have 
the tools.

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