My first offer as a contribution

Nelson Marques 07721 at
Sun Feb 21 20:54:42 UTC 2010

 Hi all,

 I was wondering how I could contribute for this list. Something came
across my mind, and I'm not really sure if this kind of documentation
exists already, if not I'm willing to put this up as a Project for
Fedora Community and thus contributing actively for the Marketing List.

 The main idea is not making something useless, instead I would believe
this would help at a later stage on strategical planning, and from my
personal point of view, will help me as well, since by doing this I can
eventually get a more objective insight about the current state of

  My proposal is to elaborate a SWOT Analysis for Fedora
( Performing this
contribution won't at any level interfere with Fedora neither with the
current tasks being developed on the field.

  This can be done to cover many aspects, and for that I would ask from
this list which aspects you want to be covered, like: Reputation in
Market, etc etc etc.

  Please provide feedback and information (if something like this has
been done in the past).

  I'm willing to put the required time on this (I have loads of time for
the next months since I'm recovering from a nervous problem) and make
this happen. Will it be welcomed ?

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