A question to this list regarding Fedora as a Product

Mel Chua mel at redhat.com
Mon Feb 22 23:31:22 UTC 2010

>   I am not sure if I can help on that platform, but if there's something
> I can help with, let me know (not much of a code hacker) but on the
> security and DB optimization I can probably help.

Is packaging something you're interested in? That's probably the biggest 
bottleneck we've got in terms of deploying tools for Marketing right now.

>   If someone can spare a admin credential for auth on your test platform,
> please let me know, so I can check it, meanwhile I'll run some tests on
> my local system.

Auth credentials to the publictest boxes are handled by the 
Infrastructure team via FAS - you need membership in the sysadmin-test 
group. Here's what to do.

1. Join the Infrastructure group - instructions at 

2. When you introduce yourself on the Infrastructure mailing list, say 
you're looking for access to sysadmin-test because you want to 
experiment with X, Y, and Z for Marketing. 
describes that group.

3. The Infrastructure team folks also hang out on #fedora-admin if you 
have questions or want to talk with someone in realtime (sometimes faster).


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