Release Slogan Pre-work; need feedback!

Robyn Bergeron robyn.bergeron at
Tue Feb 23 19:00:15 UTC 2010

In the interest of getting things out the door, since we're using
meeting time today to discuss Feature List, I've done some prework on
the Release Slogan call.  (I
put the content in the body below.)

But before we send it out, we need to do cleanup / clearup on a few things:

1) Some of the criteria on F13_release_slogan is not listed as
criteria on Release_slogan_SOP; specifically, the stuff about being
short, call to action, etc.  I'm assuming those things haven't
changed, so if someone wants to do a diff on that and make sure that
the ducks are in a row and identical on both pages, that would be

2) The Release_slogan_SOP page has a big table at the bottom for
potential release slogans, themes, etc, but since it's an SOP page we
shoudl probably add a note in that that page is NOT where people
should be populating their ideas, just to be clear; it's more of a
how-to page.  (Unless the intent is for them to fill that in there, in
which case, we should probably figure out where we want ideas -
F13_release_slogan, or Release_slogan_SOP.)

3) F13_release slogan needs to link to F13_artwork. Also, has a final
wallpaper been chosen for Alpha, or are we not entirely dependent on
that so much as the overall theme having been chosen?

4) Schedule currently has Alpha being out on 3/2; that's also the day
when we are supposed to decide on a final slogan. I'm assuming we need
the slogan for the Alpha announcement work on 3/1, so should we push
back our final selection one day to 3/1?

5) Do we still go through the process of sending the narrowed-down
list to Design for a final slogan selection?

Whew. That's all. Email template is below. (I cut and pasted it out of
the wiki, which is why it's horrifically ugly, but the content is more
or less there, minus some dates we need to figure out.)


''Note: This template was borrowed from the
F12 cycle call for release slogan ideas.]''

We need a slogan for the F13 release. It will be chosen one week from
now on 3/2. A release slogan is a short call-to-action that fits the
artwork theme from Design, (F12's
slogan was "Unite," F11's slogan
was "Reign.")

If you are interested in suggesting ideas for the release slogan,
please take a look at the Release Slogan SOP, and the criteria for
selection, at  The
slogan should be short, and a call to action; it should be positive,
and reinforce the idea that Fedora can help the end-user achieve
something great.  It should also reflect some of ideas and themes
found in the release artwork, and, if possible, also touch upon the
Four Foundations (http://

Please put your slogan ideas here: Feel
free to discuss slogan ideas on this and other mailing lists - but also
make sure to put your ideas in that table on that wiki page so they'll
be counted.

The deadline for submissions is Tuesday 3/2 at 20:00 UTC, which is our
next Marketing meeting
( We'll be discussing
submissions there, and then Mo Duffy will take that input and select the
final slogan on behalf of the Design team on (''need a date here,
dude!')' Let the marketing list know
if you have any questions/comments/concerns - and let the wiki table
know if you have any ideas!

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