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 I've started this threat regarding Goddard to point a couple of things.
 Who is Robert Goddard? http://pt.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_H._Goddard

 I am supposing Goddard (after the scientist). 
 Is there a possibility that on the Release Notes (1st page) we can
enter a small caption with a small text (2 or 3 lines, possible photo?)
about who is Goddard?

  # Provide the audience a small background that justifies why we chosed
Goddard (reinforce the idea that we don't select dumb things for our
names, and that we promote in this case Technology).
  # Provide a small quote of Goddard:
  "It is difficult to say what is impossible, for the dream of yesterday
is the hope of today and the reality of tomorrow." as an introductory
theme to our Release Highlights after the Official Release moto.
  # Sharing some culture with the universe. 

  And finally my suggestion for the Release moto: "F13, delivering the
future today".


  As usual, feel free to share.


 PS: Concerns: The space exploration (in this case a rocket engineer) is
being highlighted in the media a lot. I am not aware of possible
cultural problems that might arise from here with anti-american
feelings. Though I believe we're not providing free ammunition to be
used against us, it's always a feeling of concern when addressing to
international (or minorites) audiences.
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