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Wed Feb 24 17:09:36 UTC 2010

Mel and list,

 Just for a quick background: Magalhaes is a project from the Portuguese
Government to provide students (and the general population) a netbook
with internet access. 
 This notebook comes with a dual boot install of Micro$oft Windows XP
and GNU/Linux Caixa Mágica (a Portuguese Linux distro based in Mandriva
Linux since 2007, previously on SuSE Linux). 

 This opportunities are also valid for Fedora, and with an institution
like Red Hat on the back, we could have chances of implementing our
distro and maybe help Red Hat creating new business.

 That's one of the main reasons why I pointed that we should have
segment on the release notes dedicated to "Students & Productivity). We
already ship the software anyway, we just need to advertise it a bit.
Applications like Evice, Open Office, Brasero and so on do fit on this
productivity context.

 And great work on the release notes, they are awesome. Like I said on
the IRC yesterday, we should also have a smaller flier for download for
not so technical people, oriented for mainstream users. Lets not do this
for F13, as we are short on time, but we can start thinking on to do it
for 14. :)

 This mail reflects a personal opinion, as always fell free to provide
your opinions, suggest improvements, etc etc etc.


On Wed, 2010-02-24 at 03:46 -0500, Mel Chua wrote:
> >   My name is Nelson Marques and I'm natural from Aveiro, Portugal. I'm a
> > graduate Marketing Management student in IPAM (Portuguese Institute for
> > Marketing Administration,
> Hi, Nelson - thanks for stopping by IRC at the end of the Talking Points 
> meeting today. I see Robyn has already added you to the Marketing group 
> in FAS, so you should be all set - it sounds like you're already getting 
> a good handle on what's going on.
> SWOT is a great project to start with, and you've already started 
> commenting on release deliverables (like what we can do to make a better 
> version of 
> for F13) 
> - just keep on doing what you're doing, diving in, helping out with 
> deliverables, and asking questions, and you'll get the hang of things in 
> no time.
> There we go - now I feel more satisfied that I've finally given you a 
> proper welcome. ;)
> --Mel

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