Self Introduction: Nelson Marques

Mel Chua mel at
Wed Feb 24 17:27:53 UTC 2010

>   And great work on the release notes, they are awesome. Like I said on
> the IRC yesterday, we should also have a smaller flier for download for
> not so technical people, oriented for mainstream users. Lets not do this
> for F13, as we are short on time, but we can start thinking on to do it
> for 14. :)

We talked about this briefly on IRC yesterday, but the One Page Release 
Notes[0] seem similar to your description - see for the 
last release's version (scroll to the very bottom for links to pdfs and 
svg sources thanks to Mo and the Design Team, as well as translations).

We'll be doing these again for F13, so if there's something we can do to 
improve them, please do jump in and tinker! I'd be curious to hear what 
the differences are between the One Page Release Notes we did for F12, 
and the thing you're thinking about.

It's months to general availability of the final F13 release, we have 
plenty of time. ;) *knocks on wood*


[0] actually, I've been thinking about changing the name back to "Tour" 
- much shorter, but it's different from the past deliverable by the same 
name... anyway.

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