Self Introduction: Nelson Marques

Mel Chua mel at
Wed Feb 24 17:55:21 UTC 2010

> We have time dedicated to making some standardized branded templates
> for assorted pretty press materials / deliverables, and I think we
> were actually going to draft up the one-page notes at Mktg FAD (I may
> have it mixed up with a different deliverable, though).

We have our normal Marketing meeting time during the FAD on Tuesday 
afternoon, and will be spending it sprinting on a release deliverable - 
this seems like a good one to do it on.

I checked the schedule and we hadn't explicitly said which one we're 
working on during the FAD before - we do now, though. Woo! 
- I'll ask Poelstra to poke the dates on to 
reflect that.


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