Fedora Insight sprint this weekend: HTML/CSS designers needed!

Pascal Calarco pcalarco at nd.edu
Thu Feb 25 15:28:58 UTC 2010

Hi Logistics, Marketing and News teams --

 From a brief IRC conversation on #fedora-mktg yesterday with itbegins 
(Simon Birtwhistle), we thought of trying to get some people together 
this weekend to make real headway on Fedora Insight UI customization on 
the staging server.  Some tasks we hope to accomplish:

* cross-train some designers with HTML & CSS skills to know the Zikula 
internals and particulars of where and how to customize for Fedora Insight

* complete the work remaining for Fedora Weekly News' workflow to begin 
using Fedora Insight for a near-future FWN publishing vehicle

* get stuff in place for the Fedora Marketing FAD in a couple weeks so 
we can complete Fedora Insight there for FWN production launch in 
mid-late March

If you are interested and available, please take a look at the Doodle 
poll below and we'll pick out some time this weekend when we can work on 
this as a group:


Mel, do you have a suggestion as to which freenode channel we should use 
for something like this?  Perhaps #fedora-meeting-1 ?

Thanks, everyone!

   - pascal

Pascal Calarco
Fedora Weekly News editor
Fedora Ambassador, Indiana, USA

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