Mel Chua mel at
Sat Feb 27 03:16:37 UTC 2010

>   I would like to share this with the list. This is the ESOMAR code.

Thanks, Nelson - this is very useful, and has a lot of good things to 
consider. For folks like me who didn't know what the ESOMAR code was 
before reading the link, it's a (relatively short and quite 
well-phrased, actually) set of ethical considerations that market 
researchers should adhere to when doing their work - sort of a 
Hippocratic oath for marketing research.

The biggest implication I can see for the work we do is the data privacy 
aspect - we want to be open about our processes, but how open do we want 
to be about the data people give us, and how can we communicate whatever 
choice we make for each survey clearly to the survey-takers?

>   If someone plans to do surveys in the future, it's something you might
> want to take a look into.

I've added the link to - we may 
want to make it a recommended reading when we (eventually) write some 
sort of "market research SOP." ("how to make and carry out a survey," or 
some such.)


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