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Nelson, your plans are awesome and I personaly like to see it happen.
You will get my highest support to make it happen. Maybe I find also a
possibility to attend if it really happen in May or June and during a
weekend ..

Let's talk in private for more details. Other question; have you also
asked in the Ambassadors List to get support?



Am Samstag, den 27.02.2010, 16:44 +0000 schrieb Nelson Marques: 
> Hi,
>  Not sure if people know, but in February 2001 I've organized an event
> in Aveiro to promote Linux (I was back then the responsible for PLUG
> online Documentation, PLUG as in Portuguese Linux Users Group). This
> event was supported by SuSE GmbH (donated 2 crates of merchandise, cd's,
> retail boxes, t-shirts, pins), Sun MicroSystems (500 CD's of Star Office
> 5.1), Red Hat (some stickers) and some other local companies (hardware
> manufacturers, service enablers etc).
>  This event had over 400 visitors in the 2 days we were "opened" for
> public. We used Aveiro's Congress Center for this.
>  Congress Center:
>  After this background, I was thinking in organizing another event, this
> time to promote Fedora. From the previous experience, I know that if we
> don't advertise, they can spare us some space in the Congress Center for
> free, if we advertise, we need to pay. Back then we payed around 450$US
> for the two days.
>  My idea was to do something different. First, no Congress Center,
> instead ask for space on my University and host the event At IPAM Aveiro
> (Portuguese Institute for Marketing Management).
>   IPAM is starting it's internationalization project, being present in
> Portugal (Aveiro, Porto and Lisbon), Spain (Madrid, cooperation with
> Universidad Rey Juan Carlos), in Brazil and Netherlands.
>   Aveiro school was appointed to be the center of it's international
> community.
>   Through IPAM we can most likely get an anfi-theater for any
> presentation/conference, rooms to be used and free space, with bar,
> parking, etc.
>   I would also like to focus that the City of Aveiro has the former
> Center for Telecommunication Studies (former CET), now known as Portugal
> Telecom Inovação S.A., the Research and Development unit for Portugal
> Telecom, where I worked in the past packaging and maintaining our Red
> Hat 6 plataform on IBM RS4500 (replacing the Sun equipment and
> Slowlaris).
>   Either way Aveiro also has one of the biggest Universities in Europe,
> and in 2050 the biggest. Aveiro is the technological telecommunications
> platform in Portugal (Portugal Telecom has operations worldwide in the 5
> continents), and was responsible for great accolades, like the first
> pre-paid GSM Card in the World, the second country in Europe to
> establish a phone network without operator (automatic switching),
> amongst other things.
>   There could be no better background for this.
>   My thing:
>   # Organize an event to promote GNU/Linux and Fedora.
>   # Gather support for space and resources in IPAM (to go zero costs).
>   # Promote a couple of background events related to Linux
>      - Possibility of someone from Fedora to present it?
>      - I can ask one of GNOME Brasero's maintainers also to speech (Luis
> Medinas is from Aveiro).
>      - Corporate view of open-source by Portugal Telecom Inovação?
>      - Maybe someone from Red Hat ?
>   GOALS:
>   # Give to know and Promote Fedora.
>   # Promote Fedora with IPAM (see this as a first approach to try and
> get IPAM involved with the Fedora community).
>   # Gather the local native population for this promotion event.
>   # Attract and attack the small business to favor open-source (might be
> of interest to Red Hat).
>   Anyone, pull out comments, goals, objectives, pros, cons, anything
> relevant. Keep in mind that the main event (despite of any other
> involvements such as guest speakers and such) is the promotion of Fedora
> as a reliable free alternative either for normal people, students or
> eventually to new IT professionals. I can gather some manpower on local
> LUGS and gather corporate support if required (hardware manufacturers,
> open source enablers, etc).
>   I have also some bonds with ANSOL (, the FSF
> Portuguese branch, and also can get their cooperation almost for sure.
>   Also regarding to Aveiro, there is currently one company that is
> supplying the students laptops through the governament. I know this
> company for over 15 years and have developed work for them in the past
> (installing and configuring Linux Servers (Red Hat) and Workstations
> (SuSE). They currently use the Portuguese Caixa Mágica distro for their
> pre-installed computers. We can try an approach to them as well so that
> we use Fedora. We have something that Caixa Mágica can't offer, decent
> support to new users. I've been lurking on the #Fedora channel, and such
> resources are valuable and can make a difference in our favor here
> (anyone has status of Portuguese PT_PT implementation on Fedora?).
>    I know this might be of interest to Fedora as a Community, and if it
> is successful we might open new doors to our sponsor, Red Hat.
>    If we move on such thing, I would consider the following:
>    - March (too close and important city events)
>    - April/May (full of students events)
>    - June (exams)
>    - July (no great events on schedule)
>    I would point for May or July if such is to be done. I am making
> myself available to develop contacts, rally support, find a space (I'll
> try to go to zero costs) and do necessary local arrangements.
>    Is this of interest to Fedora? The event itself I was thinking on a
> old fashion Linux Install Fest.
>    Waiting for feedback from the list.
>     Nelson.  
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