Mel Chua mel at
Mon Jan 18 22:04:30 UTC 2010

Some interesting stuff from the GNOME marketing team re: GNOME 3.

Do we want to do anything with this (might make a good Fedora Insight 
article or articles)? Possibly sync publicity efforts with the GNOME 
folks if they're planning things? Imo, this may be a good opportunity to 
showcase how the upstream/downstream ecosystem works in open source.

Some notes from Paul: "The most visible part is the GNOME Shell, the 
preview of which works in Fedora 12, to varying degrees based on whether 
you have a 3D capable video card.  On most ATI Radeon cards it's working 
well, on Nouveau not at all (using NVidia proprietary drivers, however, 
works). Someone with an Intel card that's 3D capable in F12 would need 
to check it.  Just 'yum install gnome-shell' and then use the Desktop 
Effects preferences tool to try it out."

I've just done this (took me about 2 minutes) and it's pretty spiffy so far.


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