FAD schedule and to-do prep list: put it here!

Mel Chua mel at redhat.com
Sat Jan 23 06:46:02 UTC 2010

As per Ryan's excellent email the other day reminding us that we need to 
get our FAD agenda in order, I've braindumped some sample 
schedules/deliverables into each of the 4 days of our FAD schedule.


They're all strawmen, so feel free to edit/delete/revise/critique as you 
will, the final schedule will be ultimately set by each day's owner. One 
part that's missing from each is "what prep would we need to do before 
now and March 13 in order to be able to have this schedule at the FAD?"

Tuesday's meeting is going to set our schedule and our to-prep list, so 
get those ideas going (here and/or on the wiki page)!


PS: Those of you working on projects, think about how the FAD can move 
them forward - find the day you think your project fits best into, and 
put your project in a space in that schedule and describe what you want 
us to use the time for - basically, convince the FAD day owner to 
incorporate it into the schedule. ;)

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