Fedora Buzz needs a new name

Robert 'Bob' Jensen bob at fedoraunity.org
Mon Jul 12 18:29:54 UTC 2010

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> On Mon, Jul 12, 2010 at 12:02 PM, Robert 'Bob' Jensen
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> > OMG! Google owns "buzz" now? Good thing we did not know that in the
> 80's when we got "buzz"ed, what about the bees? are they going to have
> to bazz around now... Good thing we don't live on planets, would hate
> to infringe on any ones use of that word like "fedora planet."
> </sarcasm>
> That wasn't really helpful was it?

It is helpful IMO, it points out the total stupidity of the whole issue.

> > Someone needs to stop this insanity. Buzz is just a word, planet is
> just a word, Fedora is just a word.
> They are also Brands. When a brand gets established and you go into
> something that sounds like that Brand.. you expect it to look like
> Brand even if it isn't. If I go get a distribution with Fedora on
> it..
> I expect it to be an RPM based Linux distribution... not a Solaris or
> Windows disk. If I go to a 'planet' I expect it to be a gathering of
> various RSS feeds.
> Now take that back 8 years ago.. I would probably expect very very
> different things. Or if I am not into Linux or RSS have any idea why
> people are all upset when they come to my Fedora Planet and get
> articles on planets being made into hats. However in those fields,
> the
> brand names set certain expectations.
> The issue here is.. has Google made their Buzz 'brand' or mental
> image
> synonymous with a facebook lite experience OR is it still in the air?
> Personally I think it is still in the air, and we could use Buzz to
> mean something completely different and make a strong story for it.

I never heard about google buzz before this, buzz or creating buzz about a subject has been used for decades, google is not doing anything new or exclusive there. I still say this fear is insanity.


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