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Sun Jul 25 23:23:51 UTC 2010

Thanks Ryan-
I understand; I hope everybody had a great time in Oregon (for those who

I'm looking forward to help in any way; I've been reading quite a bit on the
Wiki, and plan to attend the marketing meetings on Tuesdays on the IRC

I am not a programer at all (I had my share of C, C++, and some Java; but I
haven't done it in years). I'm still figuring out the ticketting system; I'm
sure the first meeting will shed some light. I've also started playing with
Fedora 13 (after a big hiatus from the Linux world for about 4 years).

-Leo Boulton

IP Phone/Single Number Reach: +1 (954) 282.1239

Online Presence:

On Sun, Jul 25, 2010 at 4:53 AM, Ryan Rix <ry at> wrote:

> On Sat 24 July 2010 18:02:13 Leo Boulton wrote:
> > Hi, my name is Leo Boulton and I live in South Florida, USA.  My
> > Fedora Account username is leoboulton (so is my Twitter handler, and
> > Blogger User ID, and pretty much any other handler) I am new to IRC
> > and will try to figure out how to get on it.
> Hey Leo!
> Welcome to the team! :)
> Your friendly neighborhood welcoming committee since everyone else is in
> omg-post-OSCON mode,
> Ryan
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