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Thu Jul 29 15:58:09 UTC 2010

It's that time again -- time for us to figure out the features that
we want to spend a little extra effort calling out in the next Fedora
release because they're particularly innovative or interesting.  The
full explanation of talking points is found here:

Note that talking points are *not* a comprehensive list.  The list is
meant to be short and effective at sparking the interest of many
different groups.  This helps show that there is something for lots of
people in Fedora.  The main source for the talking points is in the
feature list:

Off the top of my head, I see some very compelling stuff to which we
might call people's attention:

* systemd
* EC2
* MeeGo
* Roll-up of programming tools (D, Eclipse Helios, GNUstep, debugging tools)

Things not on that list which might merit inclusion include the new
website design, underway and hopefully rolling out for F14.

I've been working on a PR schedule to assist Jared in his FPL duties,
and next week he is supposed to meet with Red Hat's Creative team.
In the near future, the team will shoot videos to help show off
spotlight features in Fedora 14.  So the sooner we have talking points
included, the easier we will make their job too.

Can we start this process slightly early?

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