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On Fri, Jul 30, 2010 at 1:11 AM, Ryan Rix <ry at> wrote:
> On Fri 30 July 2010 10:20:15 Nicu Buculei wrote:
>> On 07/29/2010 06:58 PM, Paul W. Frields wrote:
>> >
>> >
>> > Off the top of my head, I see some very compelling stuff to which we
>> > might call people's attention:
>> >
>> > * systemd
>> > * EC2
>> > * MeeGo
>> > * Roll-up of programming tools (D, Eclipse Helios, GNUstep, debugging
>> > tools)
>> Can we have at least 1-2 talking points "end-users" (i.e. not developers
>> and sysadmins) would actually care? You know, *desktop features*.
> Hi Nicu,
> The current feature list is indeed a little bit .. ahem... lacking on the end-
> user front, you're right, honestly.
> The creation of Fedora's marketing talking points is mostly an ad-hoc process
> done by, well, anyone who is interested at all, marketing, or ambassadors, or
> infra, or design or... :)

Well, I wouldn't say -entirely- ad-hoc; traditionally, as well as per
the now-existing SOP
(, Talking Points are
derived from the current release's Feature List, with the exception of
the Spins listed in talking points.

So, Feature List for F14 looks like this:

.... which pretty much leaves us with a few options:

#1) We take things like MeeGo and KDE and forego putting them in a
"Spins" category on the Talking Points, move them up to End User
talking points instead, and just add some blurbs about "and this will
be a spin."

#2) We break with tradition, and pull some stuff out of our hats that
we can find that are End-User Talking Point worthy.  I won't call it
policy (perhaps someone else will, but I'm a happy little
rulebreaker!!) - but Talking Points coming from Feature List it is a
guideline we've had for some time.  However, this point for "Talking
Point Criteria" may be interesting - "Talking points should be about
brand new features, or a very significant follow-on to early
groundwork from a previous release. The latter isn't the same as
adding support for additional hardware models or regular expansion of
an existing feature."  I'd say that if we can find something that
maybe was an significant upgrade / brand new feature, but perhaps just
wasn't called out on Feature List for whatever reason, we could
consider it - but keeping in mind that once we bend the rules a little
bit, it will be very hard in the future to go back to being more
strict about what can / cannot be a Talking Point.

(And as I said, if someone feels differently about #2 here, please pipe up.)

#3) We acknowledge that End-User Features are... not abundant this
cycle, and mostly limited to Spins.

Aside from these possibilities, just as a point.... maybe in the
future we (Marketing, FESCo, Fedora in general) should think about
saying, oh hai, Feature List is due in 1 month, 3 weeks, one week, and
we're not seeing any end-user Feature List items, and now would be a
great time for someone to have one. :) While marketing certainly can't
and doesn't dictate what needs to be made/accomplished, we can
certainly help in pointing out gaps that could be great opportunities
for new contributors.


> So, I guess the question then, what do *you* want to see that attracts "end-
> users"? :) Granted, Fedora 14 won't ship Firefox 4 (your biggest
> disappointment I'd guess, based on your blog post[1]), but there has to be
> *something* that users will care about? Anything new in microblogging on the
> GNOME end? What about in evolution or gnome-games or ...? (I'm just listing
> off random ideas... I'm not a GNOME Desktop Edition user, and probably dont
> have much to give to the "end-user" experience discussion outside of the KDE
> Plasma Desktop Edition release.)
>> Also, since it was delayed, should not we take GNOME 3 out of the
>> features list?
> I think that's more of a FESCo decision, correct? I'd assume that it'd be
> taken out, and the fallback provisions (shipping GNOME 2, basically, with
> GNOME 3 still labelled as "experimental") would be followed...
> All the best,
> Ryan
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