[In the news] Fedora 13 Review

Rahul Sundaram metherid at gmail.com
Fri Jun 4 03:55:01 UTC 2010



"Fedora 13 is especially a turning point in terms of installation
method. The BFO project allows you to download an ISO  of smaller size
and launching an installation via Internet. This is undoubtedly one of
the most demanding features. The choice of default applications seems
also far more consistent than Ubuntu. For example Pino instead of
Gwibber (which is much easier to use) Shotwell instead of Gthumb and Fspot.

In short, Fedora 13 leaves once again a good impression. For
professionals, has better performance than other popular distributions
and for home users Ubuntu or Linux Mint which are perhaps more intuitive
to begin working with Linux. Only regret, too long and unworthy startup
time of a modern Linux distribution. But in the world of Linux, personal
taste matters more."


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