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 For SWOT (https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Marketing/SWOT) and specially to
comparative Analysis (
https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Marketing/SWOT#Comparative_Analysis) I need a
couple of guidelines, for which I will not decide upon, since I'm not the
most qualified person to engage or set on stone those.

 I've proposed on the layout the following comparative analysis:

 - Fedora and Ubuntu
 - Fedora and openSuSE
 - Fedora and Debian
 - Fedora and Slackware
 - Fedora and Arch Linux

 To perform this, I'm going to cover 2 things from the marketing
 1. Marketing Mix
 2. Communication Mix

 This 2 points I can manage well and there won't be much trouble, but I
would like to place also some more information on this, something we can
translate into charts or graphs and that on the end we can actually combine
them all.

 I was thinking on the following:

 > Ease of Installation (rated in scale, 1-10);
 > Out of the Box install success in common hardware (mainstream hardware)
 > Out of the Box security;
 > Average Time of Installation;
 > Boot time (power on to GDM login);

 Now, what more should we use to complete it? Factors we can measure in a
scale from 1-10 and that are relevant in therms of comparison to another
distros, any more suggestions?

nelson marques
nmo.marques at gmail.com
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