Brainstorming - A more representative name for Fedora Summer of Code

Karsten Wade kwade at
Tue Jun 15 21:41:22 UTC 2010

On Tue, Jun 15, 2010 at 09:06:08AM -0700, Robyn Bergeron wrote:
> While at SELF over the weekend i caught a bit of text from quaid on
> IRC in #fedora-mktg - talking about coming up with a more logical name
> for Fedora Summer of code.

And here you fell in to my carefully laid trap of using The Trademark
That Must Not Be Used.  Mwuhaha!

We started calling our GSoC activities "summer coding" (lower case) so
that we could genericize our activities while still making a clear
connection back to the Summer of Code(TM).  This started a few years

Now it creates confusion and is inaccurate.  The confusion of Fedora
Summer coding with Google Summer of Code is a clear first reason for a
new and better name.

A second reason is that we are already doing more than code (Fedora
Musicians' Guide is happening this #FSC2010, and it's a guide about
using music software -- clearly in the free content realm.)  Also, we
plan to stretch in to the summer season for the southern hemisphere,
which doesn't make a good acronym - Fedora Summer Coding for the
Southern Hemisphere (FSCSH).  *ick*

> And so - I got busy thinking, haven't come up with much yet, but had a
> few things...
> FLIP - Fedora Learning Immersion Program (or project?)
> Fedora Open Source Student Immersion

Fedora Student JAM? (Just A Month)
FISH? (Fedora Interning Students Helping)

> Yeah, so it's not that great of a list. Usually I do better... usually
> I have a few more hours of sleep under my belt.
> I think two things are key here: 1 - We want to try and get rid of the
> "summer" aspect - as it's not always summer for people. 2 - I think
> removing "code" is wise as well - students doing documentation and so
> forth are certainly not excluded.

I've been toying with the value of 'contribution' as a primary to move
toward OR away from.  The idea of receiving payment for a contribution
seems contrary, even though that's not really what's happening

The student is being given a stipend to learn how to participate in
open source, and the currency of open source is the contribution.  The
hard cash currency of a stipend is to buy the luxury of time for the
student to learn how to generate, collect, and give contribution

Many of us learn how to generate contributions in our spare time (I
did, even though I was working for Red Hat at the time), and that's
because we usually have something that is a primary time thing that
makes us enough money to have the spare time.  This student summer
break program is designed to create a similar support in what is a
concentrated amount of spare time (the longer summer season break from

> I like to cluster together words though when I'm doing this type of
> thing.  Here's a list of what I came up with - does anyone else have
> anything to add?
> Fedora
> Open source
> open source way
> Freedom
> leaders of tomorrow
> students
> pupil
> scholar
> immersion
> learning
> knowledge
quid pro quo
artist in residence
apprentice in residence :)

Fedora Apprentice Program (FAP) ...

One final thought, since we run it 2x per year, do we differentiate in
the naming somehow between the sessions?  Hard to call them by year
since one crosses the calendar year barrier.  Session 1 and Session 2
might do it.  We might also want to consider how some students will
work /across/ sessions, either individually (sequential summers) or as
groups (hand-off from Session 1 to Session 2) in terms of "should
there be a differentiation in naming between sessions."

- Karsten
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