Microblogging research

Luke Slater tinmachin3 at gmail.com
Wed Jun 16 16:33:18 UTC 2010

Hello everyone,

I made a blog post last week[1] to gauge the Fedora community's
feelings about our Microblogging to see how strongly people felt about
certain things (as well as to initially inform them that we've gained
the @fedora Twitter account) and to see if anyone had any ideas. I've
also made a summary of the points made so far[2], however Quaid made a
very worthwhile comment since then which is worth reading. Those of
you who were in the Marketing meeting yesterday already know about
this but I forgot to post it to the list, which I'm doing now :-)

In terms of further discussion about issues such as language, where
did we decide we were going to pursue those? In the meetings?

[1] - http://bit.ly/a9uFus
[2] - http://reality.fedorapeople.org/microblogging.html

Thanks a lot,

Luke Slater

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