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Thu Jun 17 19:35:26 UTC 2010

Thanks to the good folks at StatusNet, we now have the
@fedora account.  Salient points:

* The account is connected to the Twitter @fedora acount.  Posts to will be echoed to Twitter, which is how we wanted to roll.

* I think most security-minded people, including me, reject the idea
  of sharing passwords.  However, there is an obfuscated email address
  through which people can post to the account.  I'll send
  that to the socialmedia group members.

* We are still open to using a different management console that
  supports Twitter and  HootSuite is supposedly working on
  StatusNet/ support.  We're not going to block on this, but
  if someone finds a 100% FOSS solution we can take advantage of,
  we're not married to HS.  HS is only for responding to people, not
  for originating posts -- since if you posted with it, you'd be
  leaving out which is a no-no.

Does this make sense?  Did I forget anything?

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