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nelson marques nmo.marques at gmail.com
Wed Jun 23 16:59:26 UTC 2010

 Dear all,

 I've spent 2 hours yesterday fixing and redoing the SWOT. I've decided to
commit the following changes:

 1. Remove methodology from the document in order to allow a more user
friendly document. (this methodology will be included in another document
which will only contemplate methodology).
 2. Internal Analysis: I've finished adding topics to Strengths, and will
deploy 2 or 3 more topics into Weaknesses.
 3. External Analysis: This is actually the easiest part of a SWOT, though
in this case it can be tricky. I'm going to add 2 or 3 topics which are
likely to be considered as classic approaches to virtually any SWOT. If
Fedora would like to commit this in a more accurate view, I believe this can
be done with the help of several people on this list, specially with legal
support due to import/export laws from which we are obliged to comply.

 Now approaching a more sensitive area; Critical Factors for Success
(strategical, utopic in some cases), in which I propose to develop the
following and aditional ones that the community decides:

 #1 - User Base > This to be faced as target audience. This is a good point
to evaluate the efforts in future documents. I understand that it has been
properly defined previously. So we should contemplate the stuff defined by
the project. I believe everyone understands why this topic is here.
#2 - Users Perception: Fedora Linux > Yet another strategical approach. This
will serve the purpose of allowing the project to compare the message we
difuse against the perception of our 'targeted' audience. Positive or
Negative? Workaround? self-assessment?
#3 - Users Perception: Fedora Project > The same as in #2, but now regarding
the Fedora Project.
#4 - Brand Notoriety: Special approach to target audiences.
#5 - Cultural Emphasis > which can be renamed into something else, This is
not related to people's cultures, instead to Fedora culture.

Special hot topic > Analysis and Proposals for Action > I'm not doing much
here. My head is formated in a marketing way outside the scope of FOSS,
several topics have confirmed this in the past. I will not risk to deploy
wording that can be confusing to some people or misleading. I will leave
this topic blank until all the rest is done and will provide help if
requested in order to arrange this section, but I would consider that this
could be a very good topic for a gobby section or maybe to let the board
decide about this.

The Marketing Mix > I've decided to introduce this on this document, though
it's not required. I have done this considering that Fedora Linux is a
product and will be evaluated according to Product P's and not including
typical services P's. I believe that keeping this simple on a first stage
will allow people to realize the importance of the Mix's in Marketing. I'm
going to propose and fill some text here that can be improved and extended
to other P's in future releases. For now, it's more benefic to keep it
simple so that everyone understands it.
The main reason why I introduced this, is because we can actually cross it
with other topics from the SWOT itself and use it to keep a minimum
denominator commum to our analysis. The information here has to be validated
by the community, so that it translated a community wide vision of Fedora

As many will realize its a more clean document now, far more accurate and
hopefully pleasant to read.

Robyn and all:

I would propose that we can check the availability of this list to get
schedule so we can gather on a meeting in IRC or any other means and work
some of this concepts together in order to make them more accurate and in a
language that is easilly understood by the community.
I would like that some of the topics, specially regarding SPINS and Fedora
Teams would be looked by those teams and SPIN project leaders so that they
translate the reality of those involved on those topics.

This will be a weird week for me as I have something I can't ignore in hands
and will take most of my free time, but I hope to finish at least internal
analysis before the weekend. If we have some possibility of rallying people
interested on helping filling up the SWOT with things I forgot or haven't
contemplated, I would go for a big +1 on it.

While until now I believed that it would be better to work out the structure
alone, now I believe that the structure is somehow set on stone, we can work
together to provide the most accurate contents possible, so that whoever
decides to use this document can find on it the true self-assessment of the


nelson marques
nmo.marques at gmail.com
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