Slide Notes for Presentations.

Nelson Marques nmo.marques at
Thu Jun 24 21:15:37 UTC 2010

 I've dropped some 'slide notes' to be printed front/back and provide a
small paper support for presentations. This stuff is handy and I'm not
aware if the there was something already available.

 I'm sharing what I made myself for my own purposes based on generic
Fedora materials available here and there.

 For those who want to check it out:

 I will improve this with time and if possible deploy it on SVG. I'm not
sure on how this stuff works if you take it to a printing office an make
something good out of this, it will probably need a bit more of work,
but I believe it can be a very useful thing to use, specially for
conferences and presentations.


 PS: No, I'm not using Fedora branded stuff. I have a presentation for
school next Tuesday and I needed them for myself, only adapted them.
 If this should be linked somewhere else on the wiki, please point me
the right path.

 For the Materials:

 Early Wallpaper mockup for background using simple text with
 Picked up a screenshot of a slide made by G. Kassube to illustrate it.

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