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Robyn Bergeron robyn.bergeron at
Mon Mar 1 17:19:27 UTC 2010

Hi Nelson,

This is good stuff.  Is it possible we can put the actual content on
the wiki rather than linking to a document?

I like to think of what we do in Marketing as akin to what goes on in
Engineering, with our "code" being the processes, documents, and
deliverables that are Marketing's output.  When we have all those
things on the wiki, people in the marketing community can make patches
(to keep up with the "code" metaphor); when the document is living in
your public folder on fedorapeople, there is no way for people to make
patches, other than to take your document, and essentially fork their
own version (WOW! this metaphor is really going places now), and then
it becomes a question of "which is the right document, which is the
most recent, which ones has community feedback," etc.   And like a
piece of code sitting on an engineer's box, unless someone knows it is
there, it will sit - untested, unused, etc., unless someone happened
to read the specific message on the mailing list about the piece of

I realize that wiki formatting is obviously not as professional
looking as a polished document, like the one you posted.  (And
probably also, in many case, not much fun to translate from document
to wiki formatting - let the list know, I can certainly help out with
some conversion if needed.)  It would be great to at least have the
content in wiki format, and then maybe link to the uploaded version of
the document - and by all means, feel free to upload it directly to
the wiki rather than your home document - maybe we can make it a
quarterly process or once-per-cycle process to go through, check the
revision logs on the wiki, or maybe there is a way to automatically
insert wiki code into a pre-made template (???? this would be

I'm not trying to say anything about anyone here, of course - but
contributors come, and go, for various reasons; it is possible that 2
years from now, we may all be on different paths, and there may be an
entirely different Fedora Marketeering family. The beauty of the wiki
is your work will be in the code tree, so to speak, and live on; I
don't think anyone wants to see your excellent work go unused simply
because nobody knows about it :)

Food for thought! (Someone hit me if this sounds stupid, by the way;
this is just what I believe.  We should, when we can, practice the
same principles that we are promoting!)


PS. If you'd like, it would be great to also have some information on
the wiki about how we can use what you're working on, when it is
applicable, at what point in the cycle we should be referring to the
information / updating the information / etc. It doesn't have to be
complete, even a framework for people to start working from would be
great; it just helps to have it there so that new Marketeers know what
information is out there, and how they can use it, so they can jump in
and start helping without a lot of pain. :)

On Mon, Mar 1, 2010 at 8:45 AM, Nelson Marques <07721 at> wrote:
>  Hi all,
>  I'm attaching a sketch for a communication plan matrix. This is to be
> available on on marketing/docs folder.
>  The docs being uploaded there are basically a compilation of some notes
> I have from classes and might cover lots of subjects, like:
>  - Communication Management;
>  - Product Management;
>  - Marketing Management;
>  - Culture and Market Ideology;
>  - Market Studies;
>  - Behavior Psychology;
>  - Corporate Communication;
>  Which are some of the areas of my scholar training.
>  The document in attachment is just a small Communication Matrix Plan,
> nothing too fancy and should point the general guidelines of a
> communication plan.
>  People are free to edit, suggest and point things out (help on the
> grammar if possible and orthographic errors). I will take it as final
> once it's been debated and upload it to the space specified above.
>  This is to be the first of many small docs I'm planning to release
> there.
>  Thanks all,
>  nelson.
>  PS: I've pulled out that template with some artwork. If there is an
> official template already, feel free to point it out.
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