DOCS - Communication Matrix Plan

Mel Chua mel at
Mon Mar 1 18:46:32 UTC 2010

>> This is good stuff.  Is it possible we can put the actual content on
>> the wiki rather than linking to a document?
> If course you can :) This is just one of several documents I have to
> compile from my notes.
> Feel free to change it, insert it.

+1 Robyn about "putting our stuff in version control." I took 5 minutes 
to port the document to wiki syntax, and we've got a page now:

Added to the list at, 
for ease-of-finding later.

Nelson, this is great - I'd definitely encourage you to blog about this, 
with some notes (maybe an example?) on how people can apply it to 
different projects/products within Fedora they may be working on... for 
instance, now I'm starting to think about how this stuff applies to the


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