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Ryan Rix ry at n.rix.si
Wed Mar 3 04:52:09 UTC 2010

On Tue 2 March 2010 4:55:16 pm Paul W. Frields wrote:
> Hi Marketing team,
> Chitlesh continues to feel very bereft of the ability to market the
> FEL spin through our Talking Points page.  Originally the Talking
> Points were conceived as a way of marketing features, innovations, and
> changes in the Fedora Project to a general audience.  Although new
> Spins arguably fit into that definition, changes to existing Spins
> might not.
> However, I'd rather *expand* that coverage than make contributors feel
> we're trying to keep their work from reaching Ambassadors, which was
> never our intent.  The expanded marketing potential of the spins.fp.o
> site may not be enough to suit everyone.
> In our next meeting, could we add an item to agree that we'll include
> a single 2-3 sentence bullet point in our Spins section in the talking
> points, for any Spin that wants to add one?  I would like to add these
> to the information we're already planning to include in the talking
> points about new Spins.

Yes, a big +1 on all points. Speaking as a KDE SIG member, I feel that our 
marketing materials are mostly agnostic to any particular spin or live media, 
but that what desktop-related material chosen is related to, pretty 
exclusively, the GNOME Desktop Edition, so imo any chance for spins to give 
themselves some PR is a Good Thing.

Speaking as a marketing member, the marketing team's work to create SOPs for 
all of the Marketing materials we put out each release (awesome high fives to 
everyone involved) were written with the intent to be generic enough so that 
anyone, SIGs and Spins included, could put out their own marketing materials. 
I've been leveraging these SOPs to create KDE Release talking points, as a 
prime example (Still a WIP, of course). [1] 
I don't think that the spin-generated content have a place "at the top" 
publicly with the marketing-generated material, but should be in a location 
that ambassadors and general users should be able to find and use.

Unfortunately, many of the SIGs and Spins probably have a distinct lack of 
marketing energy behind them because they do not cater to, or interest, any 
folks with marketing know-how, or want-to-know-how. It's no detriment to the 
FEL in _any_ way, but there aren't many engineers who fit that bill, imo, thus 
there isn't much interest. We should do everything we can to give the spins 
their spot (like what you've done above!), but we simply cannot do enough, and 
the spins also have to do some things themselves. What would it take for 
Chitlesh to send a message to the FEL list asking if any FEL users or 
contributors are interested in helping us out? Get some FEL member behind the 
marketing effort, and we could see some really awesome things happening :)
Having someone involved from a spin gives it that needed push to "get things 
done" (hi!) and can go a long way. Also a good way for Marketing and Fedora as 
a whole to possibly grab up some extra contributors :)

Just my two. :)

[1]: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/KDE/Fedora_13_Talking_Points

Ryan Rix
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