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Robyn Bergeron robyn.bergeron at gmail.com
Sat Mar 6 19:05:33 UTC 2010

These both look great. One question: Why do we have the Goddard quote
in the email? While I think it is definitely an inspirational message,
I don't know that we want to be mixing it in with the slogan
announcement, particularly since I believe that quote may have been a
proposed slogan, or at least part of it.

If we do want to provide that quote in the mail, I think we should
either introduce it a bit (ie: here's an inspirational quote from
robert goddard), or at least move it away from where we say the slogan
is rock it. After all, we don't want people to be rocking an incorrect
slogan :)

What does everyone think?

Also, I'm happy to send out the email Monday (I'm assuming you mean
both announcements), although I feel a little odd about it since the
slogan picked was the one I proposed. :). Nelson spent quite a bit of
time crafting the announcement; I hate to take away his opportunity
here to send it.  As Mel has always said, doing these announcements is
a great way to let newcomers be known in the Fedora community.

-From the land of Nyquil and Dayquil, Robyn

On 3/6/10, Paul Frields <stickster at gmail.com> wrote:
> Nelson and I had a good conversation this afternoon about the slogan
> announcement.  We realized we really need two different emails.
> One is the general announcement, sent to the lists shown on the slogan
> SOP.  The other is a specific email sent only to the trans@ list, to
> give translators context for their work in translating the slogan on
> the website.
> I've shown the candidate text on the slogan page here:
> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/F13_slogan_announcement
> Robyn, if you agree with this, you can send this text out on Monday or so.
> Paul
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