DOCS - Communication Matrix Plan

Mel Chua mel at
Mon Mar 8 11:25:04 UTC 2010

>     So I found some of my old work on getting started with mediawiki and
>     ported it over to Fedora - see for a
>     little guide. Hopefully it helps someone else.
> Feel free to look here also:

Awesome, thanks Susan! I've linked the text of the two pages, and added

"Be bold. Don't worry about memorizing all the rules before starting - 
just dive in, knowing that there's plenty to learn, and ask for help and 
feedback along the way. People will cheerfully correct you if you ask; 
it's better to try doing something quickly and then ask if you got it 
right (all edits on the wiki are reversible) than to not make an edit 
because you're afraid of "doing something wrong." We absolutely love to 
see new people try and learn, and will jump in and lend a hand when 
asked, or if we spot something."

A bit longwinded, I know... feel free to edit and all that if 
improvements can be made. ;)


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